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Superfrauds: Are We Really Entitled to Care When Athletes Cheat?

By Michael Baker It’s now been confirmed that Lance Armstrong has admitted to doping.  In an interview with Oprah (who else?) that will air on Thursday, Armstrong comes clean once and for all, thus cementing his place in the history of cheating. Oh, how the mighty have fallen.  This time last year, Lance Armstrong was […]

The Perfect Time to Christen a Hall of Shame

By Michael Baker For the first time in nearly twenty years, voters for Major League Baseball’s Hall of Fame have failed to elect a single candidate.  The dearth of votes for muscle-bound superstars Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens is particularly notable.  In fact, the tallies for both players combined wouldn’t have been enough to reach […]

This is Why People Don’t Trust the Legal System

By Michael Baker What constitutes “consent”?  That seems like such a simple question, and that’s because it is.  But leave it to a bunch of judges to turn the concept of consent upside down. A California appellate court has overturned the rape conviction of a man who sneaked into a woman’s bedroom at night and […]

NationSmith’s 2012 Year in Review

With 2012 coming to a close and 2013 right around the corner, the staff of NationSmith is taking a look back at some of our favorite people and events from the past year… O vs. Mitt: Endgame All things election dominated the news this year, and in the end it was perhaps the most decisive […]

Socialist Media

By Michael Baker A whole lot of people were pretty upset about the recent announcement that Facebook-owned photo-sharing app Instagram planned to begin displaying user’s pictures in its ads; so upset that Instagram has dropped the campaign in deference to its whiny, entitled users. While I’m all about privacy, it never ceases to amaze me […]

The NRA Dodging Bullets

By Michael Baker Earlier today the National Rifle Association held its first official press conference since the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre.  Check out the full text of NRA Vice President Wayne LaPierre’s comments here. This is a big deal because as goes the NRA, so goes the pro-gun lobby in America.  The main proposal […]

Psy Psays Psorry

By Michael Baker Apology, Gangnam style.  K-Pop rapper Psy has issued a quite contrite apology for his ultra-anti US 2004 rap in which he wished death upon not only American troops, but also upon their parents, daughters, and – as if most of them had them – daughters-in-law.  As one political commentator put it (and […]


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