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Nationsmith Reader Stories: Women and Military Combat Roles – A Female Veteran’s Perspective

By Meme Moore This week Nationsmith hosts one of our reader’s perspectives about the evolving role of women and the United States Military. She is a decorated US Army veteran of the War in Iraq, Meme Moore (under pseudonym) argues against including women in front-line combat roles. This story remains unchanged and unedited from its […]

5 Years. $16 Trillion in Debt. 7.8% Unemployment. Why The U.S. Gov. Cannot Seem to Turn Off The Spigot

By Peter Hartwich, M.A. It was extremely difficult for anyone beyond a handful of government regulators and economic gurus to believe that 2008 would usher in the collapse of financial giants like Lehman Brothers and evaporate trillions of dollars of U.S. household wealth. Beginning with the Troubled Asset Relief Program (T.A.R.P.) begun under President George […]

Detroit: Not As Shitty As You Think

by Mike Gazdik Outside of the 4 million plus that live within the confines of the six counties of Metro Detroit, no one cares about the city that was once called “The Paris of North America.” A city much unlike Paris now, struggling to keep itself out of bankruptcy and held up by half-century old […]

Nationsmith on Social Media

Were just posting this to let our readers know that we do have Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr pages for the website. We know everyone does their own thing with social media and we want to make it as easy as possible for everyone to follow us. Facebook Twitter Tumblr

Fiscal Whiff

By Mike Gazdik Mike Gazdik is the Vice-President of The Farm Club, a blog that strives to bring fan perspective on a global level, while promoting and networking young, aspiring sports enthusiasts. What is more important to a state, a functioning government or one that has political discourse? One could make the argument that both are equally important […]

NEWS: Nationsmith Letters

Hello fellow friends and countrymen, Nationsmith, for the past few months, has received explosive growth through our readership, Twitter followers, and Facebook friends and now we’d like to return a favor. Starting today, you can write your thoughts and questions for the Nationsmith editorial staff to respond to. Have burning questions about the penis snake, […]

Nationsmith Reader Responses: Pedophile Problem

By Lauren Wong Nationsmith reader Lauren Wong responds to Eric Z’s article, “The Pedophile Problem” in our first Nationsmith Reader Response article. Response to the Pedophile Problem a.k.a. Prowling Pedophiles Put Policies into Place News of the Boy Scouts of America sexual abuse scandal comes on the heels of Jerry Sandusky’s 30-year sentencing. The focus […]


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