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The Search for a Suitable Fire Station Site in San Marcos, CA

Written less than a year ago, I wrote a report for my GIS Class finding a suitable place for a fire station in San Marcos, CA. Today San Marcos is on fire. Final Report: The Search for a Suitable Fire Station Site in San Marcos, CA Introduction: Catching Fire Fire has always been a blessing […]


The Political Ostriches

The political ostriches on the Hill need to get their heads out of their holes and resolve their playground antics maturely. I’d even wager to say our Federal Government looks to be run by King Joffery – both viciously and stupidly. WARNING – Political gut-check here and in essay form: House Republicans need to understand […]


A History of Treason

A HISTORY OF TREASON: Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodies: Who Watches the Watchmen? After the Second Great War, the world was split into two ideological power bases, the liberal, democratic West led by the United States of America and the Communist East led by the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. This era was known as the […]

The Wolverine

An American’s observations of the British Cinema and the Wolverine

For the past two weeks I have been living an interesting life studying at Cambridge University in England, This will one of a few of my series of cultural observations as I continue my time within this wonderful country. I Decided The Wolverine 3D was worth watching considering I didn’t want to wait three hours […]



HBO has announced that Peter Dinklage, the actor who plays Tyrion Lannister from its popular television show Game of Thrones, is retiring from playing the role. Mr. Dinklage has won many supporting actor awards for his role as the intelligent, Machiavellian Tyrion. HBO has announced that the actor replacing Mr. Dinklage will be none other […]


Nationsmith Gamer Reports: EA CEO John Riccitiello Resigns

I’m a fan of Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic (and its MMO sequel The Old Republic), Mass Effect, Dragon Age, and whole slew of other games by Bioware. In extension, I loved playing the Battlefield, Command and Conquer, and Medal of Honor games and I have plenty of friends who enjoy Madden on […]


BREAKING: The New Pope is Jorge Mario Bergoglio, aka Pope Francis I

The new Pope is Argentinian Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio from Buenos Aires! The first Pontiff from the Americas!


New Pope is Chosen, Identity is Yet to Be Revealed.

A new Pope, the bishop of Rome and leader of the Roman Catholic Church, has been chosen according to CNN, but yet his identity has not been revealed publicly. There has been a lot of speculation of the identity of the successor of Saint Peter: will the next Pope be the traditional Italian, will he […]


Internet 2.0 and Why You Can’t Expect to Live Anonymously Anymore

There’s a scene in 2012 Academy Award winning film musical Les Miserables (based on the novel of the same name by Victor Hugo) where one of the main characters, Marius, laments about the death of his fellow revolutionaries during a siege against their barricade by the French Royalist government. After being anonymously saved by Jean […]


Hugo Chavez’s Last Words

Earlier this week, Venezuela’s president, Hugo Chavez, had died due to complications caused by his cancer. According to one of his closest confidant, General Ornella, Chavez’s last words were “I don’t want to die. Please don’t let me die”. As a revolutionary, botched coup ringleader, and later elected president, Chavez had reigned for fourteen years […]


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